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Big Things in a Small Town
World's Largest Golf Tee

Jim Bolin, Vice-Preident of Bolin Enterprises Inc. and Mike Bohannon, Bolin Enterprises Inc. Operations Manager and President of the Casey Country Club, envision the Golf Tee as a way to help increase tourism, play and events at the Casey Country Club. The offical measuring ceremony took place on January 29, 2013. After gaining the title of World's Largest Golf Tee from the Guinness Book of World Records the Golf Tee was set into place May 23th 2013.

Golf Tee

The World's Largest Golf Tee was constructed out of various widths of yellow pine wood, 60 gallons of glue and 120 lb of screws. The 6659 lb project took six months to complete. Future plans for the Golf Tee are to add an 18 foot diameter golf ball to the top of the Golf Tee and allow golfers to tee off from the inside.

Casey Country Club

In 1929 Bill Jones and several friends met, on what was then a portion of Mills Farm, for the purpose of laying out a golf course. They planned the layout of the course while standing near a log behind the present number six green. O. L. Lang contacted a Scotsman by the name of George Telford to assist with the design. Telford was a “Doodlebugger” and was in Montrose where he was drilling an oil well.

The Casey Country Club has a history streching over 80 years. The course, which opened in late 1929, was owned by the Mills Family until 1930 when the forty-three acres were purchased for $2500 to become the Casey Country Club.

The original course layout was significantly different than today:

Number One tee was where Number Eight is now. Number Two was from the Number Nine tee to the practice green. Number Three was from the current Number One tee to the big tree on the right of the Number One fairway. Number Four was a par three to the right and across the creek to what is now the Number Two green. Number Five was to the right of the current Number Two green and played as a par four to the current Number Three green. Number Six was the same as the current Number Four. Number Seven was the same as the current Number Five, but played as a par five. Number Eight was the same as Number Six is now, and Number Nine was the same as the current Number Seven hole.

The first meeting to organize the Casey Country Club was held in July or August of 1930. The following are believed to be the Charter Members of the Casey Country Club:

W. C. Turner, A. H. Lindsey, Huck Finn, Glenn Kite, Ryan Bertram, Frank Steppacher, Walter Fawley, Chas. Beavers, Bob Wright, H. V. Brunker, Fred Chrysler, R. D. Orr, O. L. Lang, O. A. Logue, C. H. Markwell, and Harold Jones.

In 1961, on Semptember 25th the Clubhouse burnt down.

Casey Daily Reporter Reports:
"Fire of undetermind origin, but believed to have started from lightning, did several thousand dollars of damage at the Casey Country Club this morning. Fire was discovered about 1:30 a.m. by Benny Shiels, who lives just south of the course and called the Casey fire department, who were on the scene within a few minutes. Firemen took the tanker and hose truck to the clubhouse and fought the fire for about two and half hours, when it appeared to be out. One truck returned to the fire house and one stood by at the fire until about 5:00 a.m. then returned to the fire house.
About 5:15, Lincoln Bailey and Bob Davis came to the fire house and reported that the clubhouse was again in flames, and the firemen returned to the scene and quickly had the fire under control.
Damage was confined to the kitchen and northwest section of the club room in the first fire, but the second outburst, which seemed to be caused from a gas pocket in the basement in some way being ignited, as the west end of the clubroom was on fire when noticed the second time. The east end of the clubroom remains standing, as is the southwest corner, which is a storage room and office portion. According to reports the contents and building were partially covered by insurance."

Past Club Presidents

1930 - O.L. Lang 1982 - Matt Biemick
1945 - J. W. Etchison 1983 - Dave Sauer
1946 - Francis Becker 1984 - Dave Sauer
1947 - Francis Becker 1985 - Jim Knierim
1948 - Francis Becker 1986 - Jim Knierim
1949 - Francis Becker 1987 - Ray "Skeet" Lee
1950 - C. F. Beavers 1988 - Karl Weddell
1951 - C. F. Beavers 1989 - Duane Daughhetee
1952 - Charles Bryant 1990 - Duane Daughhetee
1953 - Joe L. Hassett 1991 - Rusty Denney
1954 - Hilbert Gardner 1992 - Jim Knierim
1955 - Doug Mays 1993 - Bob Seed
1956 - Henri Ripstra 1994 - Bob Seed
1957 - Gordon Greene 1995 - Tony Butcher
1958 - Jim Tedrick 1996 - Bobbie Simpson
1959 - H. M. Jones
1960 - Tom Comerford
1961 - C. A. Williams
1962 - C. A. Williams
1963 - C. A. Williams
1964 - Rhondal McGinness
1965 - Virgil Streeter
1966 - Edward M. Resch
1967 - Gerald Barr
1968 - Jim Winnett
1969 - Dennis Shoot
1970 - Irwin Neece
1971 - Robert Davis
1972 - Bill Savage
1973 - Joe Shull
1974 - Max Sweet
1975 - P. A. Tranberg
1976 - John Reed
1977 - Don Cochonour
1978 - Chris Otteson
1979 - Jim Hutton
1980 - Jim Wilson
1981 - Len Cummins

Casey Country Club Champions

1939: Cud Gardner 1991: Kent Callahan
1941 & 1946: Don Brewer 1992 Tracy: Resch
1953 - 1956: Cud Gardner 1993: Keith Sinclair
1957 & 1958: Rogar Van Dyke 1994: Steve Haines
1959: Cud Gardner 1995 & 1996: Rich Neal
1960: Roger Van Dyke  
1961 - 1970: Jim Tedrick  
1971: Bud Zachary  
1972: Jim Tedrick  
1973: Phil Partlow  
1974: Bob Simpson  
1975: Jim Tedrick  
1976: Don Brewer  
1977: Bud Zachary  
1978 - 1980: Tracy Resch  
1981: Bob Simpson  
1982 & 1983: Jim Brewer  
1984: Tracy Resch  
1985: Kent Callahan  
1986: Bob Simpson  
1987 - 1988: Rich Neal  
1989: Bob Simpson  
1990: Rich Neal