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Big Things in a Small Town
How & Why to Become a Member

Q: Why should you become a member of the Casey Country Club?

A: There are several privileges available to Casey Country Club Members, such as:

- Receive invitation to Membership only events

- Invited to participate in Friday Night Skins games
     - Men's Game
     - Couple's Game

- Member's only couples Skins on Sunday evenings

- Discounted rate for most Club Sponsored social events
- Cookouts
- Glow Ball
- Artistic Painting Party's
- Bands
- Comedy Nights
- Mystery Dinner Theatre
- Etc.

- Golfing members can golf all year long. Even when the course is closed for the winter months.

- Members has access to the 19th Hole Lounge when the course is closed for the winter.

- Members can rent the Banquet Hall for 50% less than non-members.

- Members can order non-stocked merchandise for 10% over cost.

- Members can own their own carts and store them on premises for an annual fee.

- Members can participate in committees for the betterment of the community and the club:
      -Social Committees
     - Historical Committee
     - Greens and Grounds Committee

- Have the joy of being a part of such a historical place and good people.

- Know that you are helping keep the tradition alive for future generations, ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

- Board Members have control over the day-to-day operations of the CCC.

- Board Members have great influence in guiding the future of the CCC.

- Board Members get to order non-stocked merchandise at cost.

Q: What fees would I have to pay if I do become a member?

A: That depends on your preferences, such as: When you like to play, does your whole family play, etc. To figure out here is a helpful form.

Membership Fees

Q: How do I sign-up to become a member?

A: You print and fill out the form below and then you bring it to the Casey Country Club Pro-shop.

Membership Form

Board Members:

       President:                                 Vice President:            Michael Bohannon                     Jason Garver

       Treasurer:                                 Directors:
       Eric Montgomery                       Curtis Carver,
                                                         Mike Leichty,                Secretary:                                   Rob Crites
       Shawn Huisinga
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